The double nozzles use Venturi atomisation to disperse Solvic® into the air at around 60ml per minute. The process of wheeling the unit into an area and waiting for the cycle to complete will be familiar, but Hydra is much quicker to achieve the same end goal than alternatives like HPV systems.

How does it work?

  1. Place Hydra in a corner, 1m from the wall with nozzles diagonal to target area.
  2. Calculate disinfection time needed based on room size and level of contamination.
  3. Refer to guidelines and set the disinfection time on the electronic control panel.
  4. Press start and leave the room after 10 seconds.
  5. In as little as 15 minutes disinfection is complete.
  6. The area is safe to enter and use immediately.

Approved for use with Solvic®

The Hydra is built for use with Solvic® misting solution – it is not compatible with other misting and fogging solutions

Why choose Hydra?


Faster cycle than other systems: As little as 15 minutes start to finish.


Simpler to use: All-in-one portable solution, easy for a single user to operate with no need for PPE.


Available at a fraction of the cost of standard HPV fogging machines.

Reduce waiting times

Return beds, wards & rooms to use in minutes rather than hours or days.

“Metis Health has been working with the NHS on the exciting clinical and infection control benefits that the hypochlorous acid molecule offers for some time, with considerable success.”

Paul Clarke – Head of Facilities – BCUHB

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