The challenge for hospitals 

Hospitals are under more pressure than ever to ensure effective and compliant healthcare cleaning services.   

Heightened awareness of infectious disease hazards and the importance of infection risk reduction in hospitals since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic means there is greater recognition of the need for regular decontamination of surfaces and air. IPC and Facilities teams are left facing an even greater set of challenges than they did before.  

Meanwhile, the existing standard for area disinfection – misting or fogging with hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) – is decades old. It is expensive and time-consuming, putting beds, wards, and rooms out of action for up to a day at a time, and needs careful deployment with specialist training. But now there is a better option. 

A new solution: Hydra + Solvic®

Our solution enables faster, simpler disinfection at a significantly reduced cost. We believe it will be the future standard for area decontamination.

So, how does it work? The Hydra misting system uses Solvic®, our stabilised aqueous hypochlorous acid (HOCl) misting solution. A portable all-in-one misting machine, it is simple to operate and achieves identical results to HPV in a fraction of the time.

The Benefits

Faster cycle than other systems: As little as 15 minutes start to finish.

Simpler to use: All-in-one portable solution, easy for any single user to operate.

Highly cost effective compared to alternatives like HPV, delivering comparable results faster and at a fraction of the cost.

pH neutral unlike other disinfectants: Solvic® is non-sensitising and non-irritating to skin, so there is no need for PPE.

Effective even against resistant pathogens: Proven to deliver log6 reduction – a 99.9999% elimination rate. Independently tested with repeatable, consistent results.

Reduce waiting times: Return beds, wards, and rooms to use in minutes rather than hours or days.

No evidence of clinical resistance from any class of biological pathogen according to the World Health Organization (WHO).