Formed in 2020, the company is named for Metis, Greek mythology’s Titan-goddess of good counsel, planning and wisdom. Our goals are to:

Advance knowledge and innovation of improved options for disinfection and environmental hygiene.

Modernise patient safety by challenging current standards with innovative new solutions.

Improve patient care by reducing downtime for cleaning and therefore hospital bed waiting times.

Reduce the risk to NHS staff and patients of being exposed to harmful microorganisms.

Why choose us?

As a team, we have more than 50 years’ collective experience in the infection prevention and control arena. We understand the challenges you face, and we are passionate about finding and providing innovative new solutions to help you deliver excellent standards in patient safety and care.

That is why, like you, we’re always pushing for better, faster, more cost-effective ways of achieving optimum results in infection prevention.


Our team can provide the training your staff need to use Hydra and Solvic® effectively. Initial training takes around one hour. This session can be delivered on-site at your hospital, or online, and is included in the upfront cost of the solution.

In-person training is for groups of up to 10, whereas online you can include as many team members as you like. Attendees do not need to be specialised members of staff but should be those who are assigned responsibility for using the solution day-to-day. They will be awarded a CPD certificate on completion of the training.

Refresher training is available on-site or online at a modest additional cost. We recommend a refresher course every 1-2 years, however you can choose when to book.