Shining the light on Infection Prevention

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About Us

Metis Health is a newly form company working to improve environmental hygiene. Our company works closely with healthcare professionals to improve practices by challenging current practices.

Today we bring you three products never been seen before in healthcare to improve environmental hygiene. We are passionate about learning from the experts so please visit us in the exhibition area to meet our friendly team and discuss any ideas you may have.

Our Products

CiFi® Torch

The CiFi Torch is an essential infection prevention product that allows infection teams to instantly identify microscopic bacteria on any surface.

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Apollo UV-C

The Greek god Apollo delivered people from epidemics, The fully autonomous hybrid robot Apollo will support healthcare providers in their never-ending fight to improve patient safety. The Apollo Hybrid UV-C Robot matches almost every budget, but as a unique 2-in-1 solution, with intelligent hybrid robotic innovation for surface disinfection with an integrated air filtration and reprocessing system, relentlessly preventing surface and airborne pathogens.

Hydra Fogger

The Hydra which is a vapour disinfection machine. The machine gives much stronger atomisation and a sterilisation rate of 99.99%. The atomised particles directly cover and 8m diameter. A built-in high-precision liquid filter to protect the nozzle and a manual drainage system allows the remaining liquid to be discharged quickly.

Solvic HOCI

Solvic hypochlorous acid has been formulated using Aqualution® technology to meet the demands of environmental cleaning in the most challenging healthcare environments, workplaces and other facilities and premises